Reflective Acrylic
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Dazzling, Vibrant, Bright !

Color – Reflective mirror Acrylics are very stunning. The possibilities are infinitive lightweight, impact and shatter – resistant option. Its regular thickness is 1/8 (0.125 inches) which makes it an ideal for multiple applications.

In the Marketing – Adverting industry is a joker! Which means it can be used in everything: Signage, logos, lettering, wall decoration, events & more.

This acrylic option is perfect for creative minds, because its not the regular type of color. In addition to have shine effect it has mirror incorporated so everything reflects.

Commonly used for specific projects, cut – to – size and shapes

Alpha Creative have used these vivid acrylics for several items: big and small logos, keychains, decorations, business lettering, signage for specials places. We are in love with all results.

if you want a custom quote for you personalized project, big or small we are more than happy to assist you, do not hesitate!

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